Intermodal Freight Services

EPES maximizes efficiencies by being flexible, scalable, and reliable.

Why choose EPES for your Intermodal Transportation needs?

EPES ensures that you expand your reach while scaling most efficiently by leveraging our vast network of resources to move your cargo across various methods of transportation. We only work with the best Class 1 providers.

Simply put: EPES knows how to move Intermodal cargo easily and reliably.


Intermodal Freight Services

Intermodal shipping is a method of moving cargo that involves more than one kind of transportation, whether it be truck, train, ship, or plane. Special containers are used so goods can be transferred from ship to rail to truck without having to be repacked.


EPES' preferred carrier network commands 180,000 trucks and 350,000 trailers, meaning we have capacity.


Shipping freight by rail may be the most efficient route for your cargo, saving you costs within your logistics chain.

Additional Intermodal Options

Need the following? We have you covered.

Door-to-Door Delivery

Your cargo will always be delivered as promised, in perfect condition.


We will safely deliver containers to their final warehouse destination.
EPES makes sure your freight gets delivered as promised, so you can focus on your business.


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