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Smarter Transportation

Adding value

. . .that's the daily challenge for any successful business.

EPESolutions can help you meet that challenge.

EPESolutions is a powerful, comprehensive software package designed to generate unprecedented levels of cost and operational efficiency for your company. This technology suite offers innovative tools for tracking and managing a wide range of transportation programs.

Dynamic. Customizable. Adaptive. Responsive. State of the art. The EPESolutions toolbox is all these things and more:
  • User specific - this is not a canned program. . .each application is tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • In-house expertise - the software was developed by our staff, so timely and knowledgeable response is assured.
  • Enhanced reporting features - powerful analytic tools enable you to improve controls and accurately track trends.
  • Shipment tracking - you can more efficiently track shipments and schedule appointments, and more accurately estimate freight charges.
  • Administrative efficiency - data input from multiple locations can be easily consolidated and managed from one central source. . .reduces phone calls, data input, manual oversight, etc.

EPESolutions helps you optimize shipments, share visibility throughout your supply chain and make smarter transportation decisions. Adding value. . .that's what we do.

Epes Logistics Services, Inc.